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Dr. Andreas

Interview: Dr. Andreas Rickert, Supervisory Board Alfons & alfreda AG Location: Düsseldorf, June 2022

Andreas, why did you decide to, to join Alfons & alfreda (Aa)?

I take one privilege: I only work closely with people I like. And this criterion is absolutely fulfilled by the two founders. Ultimately, I was convinced by the serious will to create and implement impact in the real estate sector. That's why I'm happy to contribute my expertise here.

And what is your favorite project at Aa?

My current favorite project with us is TESTA Berlin. I think it's great that you have completely redesigned an existing project once again in terms of the CO2 balance of the development.

I also think the integration of the Brandenburg landscape into the exterior of the neighborhood combined with the raw look of the brick facades is exciting.

Waterways in tranquil nature in Brandenburg

Project TESTA

What recommendations do you have for a young company?

Pick the right people and promote them. That's the ultimate capital. If you want to be successful in the long term, you have to create a system of competent, motivated people. Lone wolves and egomaniacs who think their own competence is the best are rarely successful in the long term. Do business sustainably without being decision lazy or even fearful. Take risks as long as you think you can evaluate them well.

The dynamics of a young company shouldn't be lost: Go ahead and drive.

What makes the real estate industry exciting for you? Where do you see potential and risks today and in the coming years?

There is no question that the real estate industry is of central importance to every single person. This is partly due to its size, but also because it is interwoven with many sectors and industries. Thus, the industry also has the immense opportunity and responsibility to drive the transformation of our society towards sustainability. This is true in both the ecological and social sense.

However, due to its size, established structures and behavioral patterns, there is a risk that the real estate industry is not agile enough for such a transformation. Pressure from outside will be necessary here. But much more important are the thought leaders and drivers from within, who know the responsibility and seize the opportunities.

How must we real estate companies align ourselves in order to have a long-term raison d'être?

In the future, the license to operate will be derived from holistic sustainability - that combines environmental responsibility, social impact and economic performance. All stakeholder groups will pay attention to this: Customers, suppliers, politicians, investors and the media.

This means that strategic management, production, measurement and reporting must be carried out in line with the three criteria. However, this new playing field should not be perceived as a threat, but as an opportunity.