To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate. 



Opening EL&N in our Eckhaus

We are proud to announce that the renowned British café chain EL&N London has opened its first location in Germany today in our Eckhaus on the Schadowstraße in Düsseldorf´s citycentre.


5 years Alfons & alfreda

Exactly 5 years ago, we founded Alfons & alfreda. As an independent company, this milestone seems to be of particular significance in these challenging times for our industry.


Fully leased at OVUM

We are proud to announce that we have achieved full occupancy in our project OVUM in Cologne-Braunsfeld together with our JV-partner FAY Projects GmbH!


Our Social Day!

At Alfons & alfreda, we aim to continuously strengthen our social commitment within our community to increase our impact in the world.


Earth Overshoot Day

This means that our planet's ecological resources theoretically available for the whole year have been used up. For Germany, this day was already reached on May 4th.


Wood construction in the real estate industry

Wood construction is often promoted as THE solution for sustainable building. But does this claim hold true?


Full occupancy in our Eckhaus!

At ECKHAUS in Düsseldorf's Schadowstraße, we have achieved full occupancy together with our JV partner FAY Projects GmbH!


B2Run - Together for climate protection

May 23rd, a sunny day in Duesseldorf, what a great opportunity to contribute to climate protection and treatment of blood cancer, while working on our own fitness and health.


Demonstrating our style

The Ehrenfeld projects THE WID ONE and TWO set an example for sustainability and music culture at Rave The Planet Parade in Berlin.


Reporting in accordance with CSRD

Why do we place so much emphasis on sustainability reporting?


Development decision of THE WID ONE & TWO

Finally, we have received the official decision for the start of the development plan for our commercial projects THE WID ONE & TWO in Cologne Ehrenfeld!


Girls Day 2023

We are pleased to have successfully organized another career information day this year as part of the 'Girls Day' program.


Maximum sustainability profitable in the long term

In the Ehrenfeld district, west of Cologne's city center, the sustainable neighborhood THE WID ONE and TWO is being built. In an interview, Marcello Mazza and Luisa Peisert, project developers in the Alfons & alfreda team, provide information about the project's plans, the pursuit of sustainability in times of energy crisis, and the cultural transformation currently taking place in Ehrenfeld.


Start of Alfons & alfreda Energy GmbH

Together with GETEC Group we founded Alfons & alfreda Energy GmbH earlier in 2022. The company is finally about to be entered in the trade register and will immediately take on its first project.


Visions of Work by MO26 x vitra

What a brilliant start to a close partnership with Vitra in our project MO26 in Stuttgart! So, what could be a better way to start than with a cool after-work event in the newly opened Vitra pop-up showroom in our MO26?


Pre-event of the Real Estate Dialog in Cologne at our OVUM

In preparation for the “13. Jahresauftakt der Rheinischen Immobilienwirtschaft”, we welcomed Heuer Dialog GmbH to the premises of our OVUM on Tuesday, where together with FAY Projects GmbH we hosted the pre-event of the “Immobiliendialog Köln”.


Sustainability Report 2022

Since we are committed to shaping the future of the real estate industry in a sustainable and green way, we are very excited to present our Sustainability Report 2022 AWAKE Issue # 01.


Dr. Andreas Rickert

In the future, the license to operate will be derived from holistic sustainability - that combines environmental responsibility, social impact and economic performance.


Launch-Event TESTA

What a special week: Within a great launch event at the Golden Phoenix in the Hotell Provocateur we presented the concept of our project TESTA.


Jürgen Fenk

When great people come together, great dynamics are created. So I really wanted to be part of the company's further development.

Under discussion

Business roundtable of the Immobilien Manager Verlag

Our Managing Director Michael Weidtmann was one of the speakers in the current business roundtable of the Immobilien Manager Verlag.

Under discussion

Alfons & alfreda in the latest hotelbau

Within the "Mixed Use" theme, our OVUM project was discussed in the current July/August 2022 issue of the trade magazine hotelbau.


Professor Dr. Nico B. Rottke

Alfons & alfreda has a clear vision not only of where they want to go, but how they want to get there. For this purpose an extraordinary team was put together at all levels.

Construction site

Topping out ceremony OVUM

On May 20th, the time had come: together with our JV partner, FAY Projects from Mannheim, we welcomed all kinds of stakeholders and interested parties of our OVUM project to the topping-out ceremony in the West of Cologne.


Girls Day

We are proud to announce that this year for the first time we have designed a career information day as part of the 'Girls Day' program.


Launch of a new project website for our developments THE WID & THE TWO

We are excited to announce the launch of a project website for our projects “THE WID” and “THE TWO”.


Completion of our housing project in Dortmund

The Dortmund Von‑den-Berken-Straße 3 construction project was completed and handed over to the buyers at the end of 2021.

Under discussion

Brand alliance Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg

Interview with Michael Weidtmann about the Testa at the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg


Living Buildings for a Living Future

Alfons & alfreda is now a member of the Living Future Institute. With its Living Building Challenge, the LFI sets new standards for sustainable architecture.

This interests us

Architecture that's built to heal

In his TED Talk, Michael Murphy shows how he and his team look far beyond the blueprint with each concept.

Ovum architecture

The northernmost Italian square

The plan for the project was inspired by the architecture of Italian squares based on the cathedral city’s Roman history.

Under discussion

Alfons & alfreda

The name Alfons & alfreda came up fairly soon during the founding process. Both figures are symbolic for us.


Phase 5, the general planner

Fused by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and in collaboration with Aa's team, the architects at Phase 5 form a strong unit.


Friedrich Weil

The main driver of progress is ownership. At some point, someone needs to step up and take charge, drive change and shoulder responsibility.

Construction site

Runs like clockwork

On the 28th of October 2021, the topping out ceremony took place for our project called ‘Mo 26’. The shell of the new build was completed at the end of October.


Volker Busse

This young team is characterised by their commitment and professionalism paired with passion and a willingness to make sacrifices. I try to impart the knowledge I have accumulated into the creative, planning and business processes to create the right balance.