To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate. 


As an independent company, we cover the entire value chain of property development, from the initial concept to the sale of the finished asset. We follow the principles of responsible actions: focussing on sustainable, long-term value creation in a fair and transparent way. In addition to economic parameters, environmental and sociocultural aspects set the standards for basic decision-making criteria.

We treat our investors in an open, respectful manner. A high degree of transparency and personal communication combined with our pragmatic approach to finding solutions creates reliable and long-lasting partnerships.

“We are a dynamic project developer with passionate goals about the individual quality of the properties we develop.”

The Wid - Sustainable think tank
Friedrich Weil and Volker Busse
Mo 26 - Innovative office quarter

With our fresh, entrepreneurial spirit, creative ideas and excellent performance, we want to sustainably change the world with our properties.

We are always guided by the question of how our projects affect our surroundings in the long-term.

We focus on choosing staff that possess a combination of know-how and passion in taking on responsibility in order to achieve outstanding results for all project stakeholders.

From vision to mission

Interview Volker Busse  

Interview Friedrich Weil