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Becoming Climate Positive

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Our ESG strategy has three pillars


We strive to obtain the highest quality sustainability certifications for our project developments in order to improve their carbon footprint and make a substantial contribution to the six environmental objectives of the EU taxonomy.


We are committed to high standards of transparency and strive to improve our ESG performance. Therefore, we are working on implementing our ESG reports in line with internationally recognised GRI standards.


We want to strengthen sustainability across the entire construction industry and are involved in ESG initiatives and joint ventures in order to expand and impart knowledge. After all, carbon-neutrality requires innovation across the entire industry.

Our goals

We set the following standards for our projects

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Further information about our ESG standards
  • Aa Sustainability Strategy 2022
    How does Aa want to build a sustainable world? Read more about our ideas and strategies in our 2022 Sustainability Strategy.

  • GRI Standard
    The Global Reporting Initiative is a global initiative that develops standards by which companies of all industries and countries can report on their ESG efforts. The topics cover many areas, such as biodiversity, taxes, waste and emissions. From 2022, we will report based on this standard.

  • EU taxonomy
    We only want to develop sustainable projects and comply with the standards of the EU taxonomy and have them verified externally. The detailed implementation of the standards is described in our ESG project manual.

ESG requirements for working with Aa

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Sustainability Report 2022

Since we are committed to shaping the future of the real estate industry in a sustainable and green way, we are very excited to present our Sustainability Report 2022 AWAKE Issue # 01.


Living Buildings for a Living Future

Alfons & alfreda is now a member of the Living Future Institute. With its Living Building Challenge, the LFI sets new standards for sustainable architecture.

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Architecture that's built to heal

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