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Launch of a new project website for our developments “THE WID” & “THE TWO” in Cologne Ehrenfeld

We are excited to announce the launch of a project website for our projects “THE WID” and “THE TWO”. The website reveals insides into our visions & thoughts behind the developments and it provides residents and interested parties a platform where they can continuously inform themselves about the status quo and upcoming steps. As of today, the website can be accessed under the following link:

The website highlights our goals regarding sustainability, social integration and innovation with a clear focus on our developed ESG project guidelines. In this context, the preservation of Ehrenfeld as a business location is also of great importance. With “THE WID” and “THE TWO” we want to offer spaces for all kinds of businesses. In order to support the commercial location and create spaces that are in the interest and need of the people who spend their daily lives in Ehrenfeld, we met with several entrepreneurs based in the district and interviewed them about their thoughts and wishes for the future of Ehrenfeld. These findings will be considered in the further planning processes of the current layouts. The interviews are also available on the website and enable others to gain a better insight into the Ehrenfeld district, how it has changed in recent years, where it currently stands and what the people of Ehrenfeld wish for in the future.

The projects “THE WID" and “THE TWO” are expected to be considered as an “ideas part” in the urban planning competition for the Max Becker site in March 2022. The most up-to-date information on the competition can be found on the website. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, which will keep you informed about the latest happenings around the area.

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