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The Wid One

A public think tank is being built in Cologne’s trendy Ehrenfeld district with uses including offices, gastronomy, fitness, and more. The hybrid wooden structure provides a modern contrast to the urban industrial backdrop and offers space for communication, creativity and leisure.

Location Köln-Ehrenfeld

Fashionable district

To the west of Cologne’s city centre, in the desirable Ehrenfeld district, a sustainable project called ‘The Wid One’ will be developed. The project name was derived from its central location on the Widdersdorfer Straße. Not only does the name refer to its location, it is also based on the surrounding brick buildings such as the beautiful and historic restored ‘Gaswerk’.

Numerous project developments in the district demonstrate the relevance of this location. The site is Cologne’s most popular district and is characterised by individual, colourful, multicultural restaurants, cafés and clubs. Ehrenfeld is given special appeal by its art, culture, clubbing and creative scene.

Architecture Phase 5

Location Köln-Ehrenfeld


The idea of a clinker-built foundation was inspired by the surrounding buildings, particularly the gas works and neighbouring halls. In addition to a visual parallelism, the original and current uses of the Ehrenfeld district were to be incorporated. These are supplemented by sport and leisure opportunities such as cafés, restaurants, yoga and fitness studios, galleries and much more. In contrast to the industrial backdrop, a wood-hybrid construction is found above the brick-build base, symbolising Ehrenfeld´s transformation and illustrating the move towards sustainable commerce.

In addition to the wooden elements, the main focus was also placed on the roof and facade greenery. The roofs and balconies will also provide space for work and leisure. Spacious interior areas and connecting paths to all sides round off the concept and make the project a centre between living and working. A place of exchange and creative development will be created here.

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