To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate. 


Building a better world.

Directly at the new capital city airport BER, our vision for sustainable and humane working is being created.

Digital meets haptic, brick meets nature: Spacious, smart office spaces in an inspiring and relaxed environment of forest and heath are creating a unique working environment. An urban quarter with three office buildings and a hotel complex around a green, central square with its own restaurant, gym and local amenities. Conceptualized and designed by Alfons & alfreda.

Location Berlin-Schönefeld

TESTA, latin for

is the eponym and symbol of our vision for sustainable and humane architecture. In the area between BER and the lively southeast of Berlin, the working quarter of the future is being created from over 1 million recycled bricks. From the smallest unit, the individual brick, to air conditioning, water management and the integration of electric mobility, TESTA sets standards and shows what contemporary architecture can achieve.

The concept of sustainability is not only reflected in the choice of building materials and the use of state-of-the-art building technology, but also in the design. The tranquil perforated façade, interspersed with striking round arches, is both a frame and a contrast to the outdoor areas, which were designed with reference to the heath landscapes of Brandenburg. This combination of architecture and nature creates an aesthetic that is in keeping with the spirit of the times, while at the same time being timeless and thus forming the prerequisite for a long and sustainable cycle of use.

Phase 5

Location Berlin-Schönefeld

Sustainable society.
Workspace for a greater good.

The holistic concept of TESTA continues in the interior. Rough, robust materials and versatile surfaces that can be adapted to the requirements of an individualized working environment are the basis for long-lasting attractiveness and durability.

As a sign of special appreciation, we set up a monument to the the idea of TESTA: a mirrored cuboid in a central position. This not only reflects on the outside what TESTA stands for- the symbiosis of nature and architecture. On 60 square meters, residents and visitors will find selected products that reflect the spirit of TESTA.