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More than buildings: Our direct contributions to our community

Our Social Day!

At Alfons & alfreda, we aim to continuously strengthen our social commitment within our community to increase our impact in the world. We want to add social value on different levels, also off real estate.

Together with our partners from Phase 5, we planned a "Social Day" in cooperation with Diakonie Düsseldorf. We decided to do two activities on this day.

One part of our team visited the Joachim Neander Haus in Düsseldorf-Benrath, a nursing home for seniors. The day started with a virtual bike tour and was concluded with games and a shared meal afterwards, which hopefully could bring good vibes with some joyful memories. The second part of our team painted the Protestant Kindergarten on Duisburger Straße for young children in Düsseldorf Pempelfort.

The hope that we could give some people a few lighter hours and help a children’s day care center feels right. We feel vindicated in continuing to make the effort to leave as positive and sustainable a footprint as possible, even in these times of our industry.

At Alfons & alfreda we want to and will continue to have an impact in the world.

Let's be active together and try to have a direct positive impact within our communities!