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Construction site OVUM

Topping out ceremony OVUM

On May 20th, the time had come: together with our JV partner, FAY Projects from Mannheim, we welcomed all kinds of stakeholders and interested parties of our OVUM project to the topping-out ceremony in the West of Cologne.

On the ground floor of Haus AB, the future hotel building (Meininger Hotels), around 300 friends, partners and project participants followed our invitation. We were delighted to behold this enormous interest in the project and us as a company.

In the ground floor of the building, the 5.5m high ceilings could be admired, as well as in the outdoor areas the high-quality clinker brick facade, building on the first exposed concrete arches in the ground floor base area. The positive response and the current rental situation (pre-let rate at 91%) has shown that it is worth investing time, effort and ultimately money in high-quality architecture and unique urban developments.

In addition to the fact that the shell of such a quarter (35,000 sqm GFA) was completed on schedule in times of COVID, the war in Ukraine, supply bottlenecks, etc., the history of the project was also a reason for our positive emotions:

The OVUM was the starting point for Aa in late summer 2018.

The starting signal for Friedrich Weil and Volker Busse to go the entrepreneurial path together and also the starting point for many partnerships that arose through the project and are now being continued in many other ventures.

As part of these many partnerships, we would like to thank everyone involved in the project and its success story. Here, a real reference is created for everyone involved in times of budget-optimized and efficiency-driven buildings.

In particular, we would like to thank the Schmeing Baugruppe, with whom we had already taken the path of an open book contract long before COVID (i.e. 2019). That requires a lot of trust on both sides and visionary approaches within the partners’ relationships. Thank you for the great work of each and everyone. We would also like to give credit to all subcontractors who are active on site at the project area every day, doing a fabulous job.

Appreciation also goes to Phase5 GmbH, who developed this unique design. We would also like to take the opportunity to recognize Martin Welp, project manager for the OVUM and managing director of phase 5 as general planner. Your self-sacrificing struggle on this project has made it such a success. Your coordination skills, know-how and tireless zeal are the weapon with which you tirelessly push things forward!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Of course, we would also like to credit all specialist planners who work so well together here and form a great team, too.

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