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The northernmost Italian square. The plan for the project was inspired by the architecture of Italian squares based on the cathedral city’s Roman history.

Aa-project: Ovum

Historical design details that have proven their worth in the past were to be resurrected and reinvented in this modern development. As a result, squares such as the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro in Lucca provided the inspiration for the ‘Ei’ (Egg) in Braunsfeld.

The cropped oval creates an unmistakable and interconnecting shape. Multiple arches form a continuous ground floor plinth with an arcade passage on which the clinker-brick façades are built.

With regard to urban development, a genuine piece of city with buildings lining the streets was created that encapsulate an urban space with welcoming qualities –

the northernmost Italian square. This distinctive architecture was also eponymous here:

Ovum = (Egg(cell))

General planning: Phase 5 GmbH
Joint venture partner: FAY Projects

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