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Interview: Michael Weidtmann, Managing Director of Alfons & alfreda Advisors GmbH Location: Berlin, November 2021

Michael, we’re currently in Berlin. What do you associate with this place?

For me, Berlin is not only the capital city but is also a forerunner when it comes to leisure, culture, cuisine and international diversity. When looking at our industry, I see incredibly rapid and exciting developments in many districts, which however also means that the challenges associated with this change are heavily debated here. But that’s a good thing.

Aa realises projects nationwide. Do you have a favourite project from past years?

Our first project, the ‘Ovum’ immediately springs to mind. We are already well advanced with the construction process and have succeeded in creating a colourful neighbourhood and mixed district that guides people internally and externally to the campus.

“It’s great to see how well it works for the people of Cologne as well as its cool architecture.”

Ovum in Cologne-Braunsfeld

The campus is largely characterised by its high-quality architectural concept.

The oval space between the individual buildings creates a high-quality environment.

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In major cities like Berlin, the topic of real estate and residential housing filters through to election campaigns and politics. What topics will be relevant to you in the years and decades to come?

As previously mentioned, I think it’s right and important to discuss the major challenges of change in the real estate sector and to take it seriously. To date, our projects have mostly involved large, commercial developments. However, we want to contribute to more residential spaces that accommodate all of society. It’s important that those who want our industry to oversee this secure strong political support so that such projects can be realised more quickly. At the same time, I believe it shouldn't just be about creating these living spaces at random but about ensuring that we remain consistent and obtain sufficient support for future-oriented, green construction.

Together with Volker and Friedrich you form the triangle at the top of Aa. What role do you undertake with your expertise, where can the three of you improve and what does working within the team do for you?

Since the start of Aa, my area of focus - simply put - was on the topic of the ‘market’. That means being involved in the acquisition and subsequent co-creation of future projects and focussing on the management of rentals and potential sales.

Together with the appeal of our business combined with the outstanding technical prowess of Volker, Phase 5 had highly ambitious growth objectives right from the start. It’s great fun to be part of this growth and to make a contribution to the market. We also place great value on our freedom and the opinions of each one of us. When making decisions or discussing controversial topics, our position within the team doesn't matter. This has created an environment like nothing I've ever experienced before in my previous jobs.

Friedrich Weil and Volker Busse

What are the goals for Aa over the next few years?

From my experience, a major issue is to continue demonstrating to our business partners and contacts that Aa is a reliable partner.

“This will ensure that we can implement our growth potential in even more complex and long-term developments.”