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Jürgen Fenk

Interview: Jürgen Fenk Location: Berlin, July 2022

Why did you decide to join the Aa?

I was convinced by your interesting and certainly rather rare composition of such different and yet similar characters, united by dynamic entrepreneurship and the urge to actually act with high integrity within our industry. My gut feeling rarely deceives me - it's a people's business.

When great people come together, great dynamics are created. So I really wanted to be part of the company's further development.

Jürgen, first something private: Where do you feel particularly at home or alternatively tell us your personal favorite property?

The "Institut du monde arabe" in Paris. As a place of exchange between the Arab world and France e.g., Europe, the building represents a fascinating synthesis of traditional Arab ornamentation and modern high-tech architecture.

Details of the facade of the building of the "Institut du monde arabe" Paris, France.
Each window has an opening mechanism like a camera.

What recommendations do you have for a young company?

Pick the right people and develop them. That's the ultimate capital. If you want to be successful in the long term, you have to create a system of competent, motivated people. Lone wolves and egomaniacs who think their own competence is the best are rarely successful in the long term. Do business sustainably without being decision lazy or even fearful. Take risks as long as you think you can evaluate them well.

The dynamics of a young company should not get lost: Power ahead and drive.

What must a project developer do to still be relevant in 5-10 years?

In addition to a clearly developed profile with a corresponding and strong brand, the principle of sustainable business also applies here, of course. A good project developer must build up a pipeline that not only fits into his own internal constraints, such as capital requirements planning and capacity forecasts, but also strategically reflects what the market will demand in several years "down the road". It is extremely demanding to create a high degree of consistency with the associated planning capability.

In the case of Alfons & alfreda, by focusing on the performance of each project in terms of sustainability, you are certainly on the right track.

In addition, by focusing on what is likely to be relevant to the widest possible range of stakeholders in the long term.

Again, my recommendation is to find good people and develop them. In weak market phases, it is important to keep the spirit high and to profit all the more in strong phases. Apart from that, my recommendation is also to always pay attention to what is ethically right. Your reputation is irreplaceable and an insanely important asset. In our industry, which often involves short-term incentivized market participants in what are often B2B settings, some deals come at the expense of reputation and integrity. This is not sustainable business practice, nor is it right.