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Wood construction in the real estate industry

Wood construction is often promoted as THE solution for sustainable building. But does this claim hold true?

As an organization committed to resource and environmentally friendly practices, we believe it's crucial to stay informed about the materials we use. Where does our construction timber come from? How sustainable is forestry in Germany? Which tree species are most used, and for what purposes?

That's why we visited the Wohllebens Waldakadmie in the Eifel Region with our whole team. It was an interesting experience that provided us with valuable insights from a different perspective into Germany's forestry practices, the state of our forests, and their significant role in preventing climate change.

Here are some of our key takeaways:

Only 3% of Germany's forests are protected as near-natural "virgin forests." These balanced ecosystems play a crucial role in the regional climate, as they cool the surroundings and influence weather patterns.

Forestry in Germany primarily relies on conifer monocultures, particularly spruce, due to their ideal timber conditions. However, conifers are not well-suited to their environment, making them more vulnerable to environmental conditions and pests.

Throughout Germany, approximately half of the harvested wood is immediately used for thermal energy, releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere. The second largest portion is used for construction, while a small remainder is allocated to paper production.

In light of these insights, here's how we respond:

Wood is an excellent building material with undisputed advantages, thanks to its renewability and role in sustainable resource use. However, we believe it's crucial to use it consciously and carefully to protect forests and preserve natural habitats. For us, this means adopting a circular approach to wood usage, ensuring sustainability in forestry practices, and prolonging the products’ lifespans within the circular economy. Let's prioritize reusing and recycling existing construction timber at the highest possible quality rather than harvesting new timber.

Additionally, we are committed to promoting the extensive use of renewable thermal energies and green electricity in every new building and renovation project. Let's embrace truly renewable energy sources that contribute to a greener future.

We encourage everyone to explore and deepen the understanding of sustainable forestry and its impact on our environment.