To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate. 


“Although they say that sparks don't fly by banging two potatoes together, we found great chemistry among us two Westphalians.”

We got to know each other in wild constellations in the past and soon realised that we shared the same values and a similar understanding of things. And naturally very similar, ambitious goals. Above all, we want to take on great projects!

The name Alfons & alfreda came up fairly soon during the founding process. Both figures are symbolic for us. They alternate between love and hate, inspire each other with ideas but also reject things too. It's these two different sides and viewpoints in life that make us strong and form the framework upon which we base ourselves.

At the same time, in an industry where conformity in terms of image is everything, for us it has always been crucial to appeal to the widest possible pool of investors by distinguishing ourselves through our actions, our external impact and the way we build and manage our team.

The founders: Friedrich Weil

and Volker Busse

The question of why is perhaps best explained by the cultural guiding star of the outgoing 18th century: to the true, the beauty and the good. For us, we focus on what is actually at stake (the truth), joy and success (the beauty) and its use (the good)... for better real estate.

To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate.