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Earth Overshoot Day


This means that our planet's ecological resources theoretically available for the whole year have been used up. For Germany, this day was already reached on May 4th. If all people would consume as many resources as we do in Germany, we would need 3 planets!

Especially in the building industry, many resources like energy, water, and wood are consumed. More than 70% of the world's mined raw materials are used in the construction industry, according to Germany’s Federal Environment Agency. Yet, the consumption of resources in the construction industry could be conserved more easily than one might think, as every building that is scheduled to be demolished is not necessarily only waste but could also be a large resource-rich warehouse of materials for future projects.

By creating building resource passports for existing building stock and especially for newly constructed structures, it can be made possible for these buildings to continue to be used as a material storage at the end of their life cycle when they are deconstructed. In addition, during construction, care should be taken to already use recycled materials or else reusable materials. Let's move towards CradleToCradle practices!

That's why Alfons & Alfreda will design every newly planned building in BIM in combination with issuing a building resource passport. In addition, we aim to incorporate 40% C2C materials or recycled materials in our new buildings. This will save material, energy, and therefore CO2 emissions.

What do you do to push the Earth Overshoot Day's date later into the year? Share your sustainability practices! Let's work together for a more sustainable future!